August 2020

Green space

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As a deep thinker, I often over think. Walking is a way for me to love myself up, to recognise that my body is not just a vehicle to carry my head around, there's more to me than my thinking brain. Solitude is a make or break kinda thing, like meditation it can teach me to be zen, or scare the hell out of me. Intimacy is weird like that, especially intimacy with oneself. I wrote this poem after a solo hike in the abundant nature that is Tasmania. As a nature warrior, I, like many, love and connect through nature and make it my responsibility to care for and protect this rich environment.


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Viloma means against the natural flow. I think? That's what my yogi friends tell me anyway, (pass the buck complete!). On the, ooh too early, death of my husband I found myself with an excess of love. So much love was residing in my little storehouse of being. I wrote this poem after a 3 day yoga retreat, with the added fortunate surprise of some post orgasm dopamine thrown in as a creativity boost.