May 2020

David Pyefinch Storyteller Profile

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David loves making films about food. He's really interested in how people do what they do, and make what they make. He started Madfinch to help people tell their stories. Along the way he has made some pretty special video for a whole range of clients - from nurses doing extraordinary work to gentle farmers who make the most amazing cheeses on the planet. He especially loves working with chefs, growers, producers and makers of all kinds. They create beautiful work and he turns that into beautiful video that makes customers hungry and wanting more. David is a film and television professional, he has made award-winning short comedy films and he helps people make their own media through workshops and mentoring.

April 2020

Lara van Raay Storyteller Profile

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Storyteller Profile with Lara Van Raay. "With over 25 years media experience, Lara van Raay specialises in making short form documentary with her company Small World Documentaries. Writing, directing, shooting, editing, producing. Lara's films have been broadcast either on the ABC or National Geographic, have been made for various clients or for social media."