SiS Storyteller Profile: David Pyefinch

How would you describe what you do? 

I’m a filmmaker based in Hobart, I run a production company Madfinch Pty Ltd, where I produce film and edit smaller film projects for Tasmanian businesses. Years ago I went to film school where I fell in love with editing. Then I created a bunch of short films. For 25 years I had a career in broadcast TV where I got to travel around the world.
What do you love most about what you do?
I absolutely love what I do. There’s quite a few components to every clip I make but from conceptualising to filming projects through to editing it’s all great fun to me. I believe in the saying that if you do what you love then you’ll never feel like you’re working. Film making is quite an addictive thing.
Who in your industry inspires you the most and why?
I kind of fall in love with great images every where I go, and I’m often inspired by very ordinary things. To me there’s often something great to see in just about everything going on around us.
What’s the most memorable story you’ve been involved in telling?
There are so many stories that I’ve loved creating with others. One project that stood out was a project we made about the right to die at home at the end of your life. It was a project commissioned by the truly remarkable District Nurses. It completely took me by surprise at how affecting this project was. The universal stories that confront us directly and emotionally can be very special I think.
Why do you think telling stories is important?
Stories have always connected humans to each other although the method of delivery has changed many times. To me the essence of a deeply felt story can be very profound when transmitted effectively. There’s a certain amount of black magic in the way the visual and audio components combine that can be transformative for viewer, I simply love what the video medium can do. When it all works and comes together as imagined, it really does give me tingles in the edit suite!
What are you working on right now?
The project that I wanted to make for the last 20 years is finally now being made in Hobart. It’s a recipe project that I dreamt up long before youtube and mobile phones. I originally wanted to show people how great food in restaurants is created. I love the visual journey of a bunch of vegetables being transformed into a satisfying final dish. There’s so much magic in the process!  The concept today makes viewers hungry, it inspires people to cook and eat great food for themselves. I’m making this series for Hill Street Grocer with superstar chef Sarah Joseph. It’s the most satisfied I’ve ever been with my own film work, it’s the realisation of a dream and the catering on shoots is always great!

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