August 2020

Flavour Swap

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What happens when passionate home cooks from our migrant and refugee community share their favourite flavours with Tasmania's top restaurant chefs? Professional chefs and home cooks will meet, share stories and cook for each other. Vince Trim, Executive Chef at Mona, is matched up with Liberian refugees Judy and Victoria. While Oskar Rossi and Federica Andrisani from Hobart Italian bistro Fico get a crash course in Indian cuisine from Muslim mother and aspiring chef Sumaiya. Come and join us for food, art and joy in Tasmania.

The Styx Giants

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Just like South America's Amazon, Tasmania's forests and eucalypt giants are still being clear-felled. To highlight this, Eddie Safarik and Helene Thomas joined an original Styx Rainforest guardian Graham Furness and veteran reporter Charles Wooley to see the Carbon forest that was saved as a World Heritage Reserve as well as to see the devastating clear-fell and burn operations. Our intention was to make a powerful short film slowly and gently, also to give the words, images and ideas beauty and space to breathe.

Extinction Studies Lucienne Rickard

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Extinction Studies is a twelve-month durational performance in which Tasmanian artist Lucienne Rickard will undergo a daily reckoning: drawing, then erasing, a recently extinct species. Beginning each day during museum opening hours, Lucienne will draw and erase on the same paper, eventually worn thin by the marks and indents of loss. Each extinct species is sourced from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, the authoritative list of extinct and threatened species used by scientists globally. Extinction Studies merges art and science, a ‘study’ being both a technical art term – for a drawing or sketch done in preparation – and more generally understood as the practice of devoting time and attention to understanding a topic, which, in this case, is the process of species extinction and concerns for the future of biodiversity in the natural world. Commissioned by Detached Cultural Organisation

May 2020

April 2020

The Wheel Deal

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Tasmania in the 1950's and 60's punched well above its weight in motor racing. Hosting the Australian Grand Prix in a small town called Longford, holding Australian records for average fastest lap speeds, land speed records on beaches and endless other notorious adventures and stories which hold no place in history. Graeme George has kept hours of 8mm film and hundreds of color slides that he captured of this time and although he doesn't think so, they are pretty good!