September 2018

The Final Act of Grace

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When Mary Dwyer’s husband, Adie, was diagnosed with cancer at 49, Mary could not have predicted how fast death would come, nor how beautiful and hard that journey would be — for Adie, for their children and for herself. Yet, Mary says, in their heartbreak, a profound grace emerged. In “The Final Act of Grace" Mary recounts an inspirational story about her husband’s death that offers insights into how embracing one’s death can lead to something sacred and profound. This short story is supported by a book by the same name.

A Welshman in Israel

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As a 25-year-old Bob Frost found himself in Israel setting up the first Hertz car rental operation in that part of the world. It was the late 1960s and just as he was setting up the business trouble struck, and there he was in the middle of the Six-Day War. Bob tells his story from his Franklin home in southern Tasmania.