April 2020


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A celebration of vulva diversity through art! When I heard that many young people with vulvas were having labiaplasty surgery because they didn't think they were "normal", I decided to make artwork to show the beauty in every vulva no matter what size or shape. Over time my artworks have become more and more topical and often portray cultural snapshots as well. You can find me on instagram @vulvalalala for many more images.


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A story about dogs and how they remind us of ourselves and all of our quirky ways. Do you ever feel Dog Tired or like an Under Dog, or maybe Sea Dog describes you better? You will find a dog here to suit your mood perfectly!

Lara van Raay Storyteller Profile

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Storyteller Profile with Lara Van Raay. "With over 25 years media experience, Lara van Raay specialises in making short form documentary with her company Small World Documentaries. Writing, directing, shooting, editing, producing. Lara's films have been broadcast either on the ABC or National Geographic, have been made for various clients or for social media."