Harold and Owen 1923

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Harold and Owen 1923 is a series of reflective poems based on a real event. It examines the tragic deaths of the author's great grand uncles by accidental drowning in 1923. The trilogy – The Crossroads, 25 Chains and Lead Letters - explores both the author's genealogical relationship with the characters along with her response to the sources used for the works. The Crossroads is inspired by the boys' 1923 school photo and looks at the tangible link to the past created by the image. Similarly, 25 Chains is a response to newspaper articles about the event and how family tragedies are portrayed in the press cycle. The final poem, Lead Letters, is an interpretation of the immortality of the Marshall family gravestones at Marrawah cemetery. The descriptive yet fragmented, short reportage style reflects the nature of the images, documents and objects used as primary sources for the series.