What’s it all about?

Stories in September was conceived in 2018 by audio documentary producer Helene Thomas and photographer and author Andrew Wilson. An original idea of Helene’s, Stories in September formed through their mutual passion for Tasmanian stories and storytelling. Helene and Andrew also loved the idea of creating a festival that celebrates storytelling in all its forms under one roof – Visual stories, Sound stories and Text stories – a platform where the stories of Tasmanian Storytellers can be watched, heard, born, celebrated and renewed.

The first iteration of Stories in September was presented to Tasmanian audiences at a sellout screening at the State Cinema in 2018. After a 2 year hiatus Stories in September returns bigger and brighter. For 2020 Helene and Andrew have secured cash prizes worth $5000 through a generous and anonymous donation. They have also opened the platform for storytellers to freely submit any content they have produced pre September 2018, creating a free online public broadcast space for storytellers’ past work, that they are proud of. In fact all content on Stories in September is free to view. Just another way Helene and Andrew are hoping to shine a light on the wonderful work created by Tasmanian Storytellers.

This year the way the stories are judged and prizes awards has also changed. The festival judges are now you, the content creators and content watchers. Underneath each story is a simple voting tool, the five best stories across the award categories with the most votes and highest rating will each win $1000 in cash. So if you have submitted a story to the festival, make sure you share it with your online community to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Stories in September, there’s an untold story inside everyone, especially in Tasmania!

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