Dear Goddess,

I hope that you can turn our world up a little, and instead of woman MENsturating each month could you please once in a while have a go at mixing it up, give the fellas a turn.

And as they carry their little vial of blood around each day, releasing 5ml at a time to feed the closest cactus plant (of blood loving variety), can they wrap and unwrap themselves in a silk bandage, three times a day, or four, in honour of cleanliness and comfort. Please provide an abundance of coloured silks, some plain some patterned, all free of course.

And Goddess, whilst you are at it, answering prayers and mixing it up and all, can you also switch the norm around again, simply turn it on its head, in the name of playfulness and experimentation. Can you, in that very time when women are in MENsturation, can you make this time the new real, the new way of being, of relating, so that we can learn to tread lightly with each other. And yes, paint the sky with clouds so we can look up, they could say something like this. The new benchmark, crank up the kindness.

And in those other times of the month, can you please erase any social graces and mechanisms which make us filter down what we really think, and instead provide us with a new behaviour, (because you are the goddess after all). Perhaps this new social norm could be called ‘I am human’, and we could use this new behaviour  to navigate the vulnerability, softness and openness that is so easily accessed for us during this special time.

And lastly, beautiful goddess of equality, when we try to understand each other, women to man, race to finish line, as it would be arrogant for me to describe the other, can we learn to understand each other by defining and redefining ourselves, and then sharing this understanding with each other in wonder, you know, like an art, the art of communication kind of thing. And as we relate to each other in this new way we can learn to understand the mysterious sea of difference.

And, very lastly, lastly, can we all close our eyes for a moment and imagine a peaceful world.


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