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Watch and Listen to Amazing Tasmanian Stories

Do you love stories about our incredible island and it’s people?

If yes, then you’ll love our 30 Stories in 30 Days event which celebrates Tasmanian storytellers and brings together the mediums of film, audio and print for the first time. We’ve teamed up with the State Cinema to bring you 2 sessions on Saturday September 1, filled with film, audio and print stories from all over our wonderful island. Tickets to these screenings are available for purchase now! Seats will be limited so book early to avoid missing out.

You can also subscribe to this website. Only subscribers will have access to watch and listen to our 30 Stories in 30 Days storytellers, plus a whole range of additional diverse and amazing Tasmanian stories for 12 months.

We’re also working hard to tour 30 Stories in 30 Days to regional areas so communities can meet together to celebrate and share Tasmanian storytelling.

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