September 2018

Returning patrula / fire

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Filmed in the midlands plains of lutruwita (Tasmania) this is the story of an unusual alignment between a farmer, a scientist and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. From a simple idea to run a science experiment emerged the story of a community returning an important cultural fire practice and reconnecting to lands where brutal dispossession took place. The collaboration benefits each in different ways but relies on a mutual trust heading into unchartered waters. The film highlights the importance of a traditional pakana practice that society is awakening to in an era of ecological collapse and global warming.

Melton Mowbray

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In the last week of January 2016, Tasmania experienced floods and fires simultaneously. This wild weather came at the end of over a year of drought throughout most of the island. This is the story of a family from the midlands during that time. A father writes to his far-away young adult daughter, conveying the burdens of the year, and asking her to visit him.

My Story – Deb Cowan

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As an Aboriginal woman who has been denied recognition for most of her life, I feel I have started my healing journey. I can now stand up in that same sense of pride as I see in my Elders and remind myself ‘I am an Aboriginal woman, I am this Country and this Country is me’ – no one can ever take this from me - it is embedded in my soul and my psyche for ever.