About Teri Young

I’m a local folksong writer. I grew up in Queensland and moved to Tasmania five years ago, and this place has totally taken me over... much of the stories I’ve been telling/singing in the last few years have been about specific Tasmanian people or places. I love storytelling because it makes us recognise and remember characters, events, places and times, with or without judgment on the way things are. I also love stories because they imbue situations with an enchantment that we miss in real time.

Melton Mowbray

In the last week of January 2016, Tasmania experienced floods and fires simultaneously. This wild weather came at the end of over a year of drought throughout most of the island. This is the story of a family from the midlands during that time. A father writes to his far-away young adult daughter, conveying the burdens of the year, and asking her to visit him.

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