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Celebrating Local Stories

Welcome to Stories in September’s signature event – 30 Stories in 30 Days.

Throughout the month of September one new amazing Tasmanian story will be published here for you to watch or listen too. Each story we present was a finalist in our inaugural 30 Stories in 30 Days event, including our section winners for Film, Audio and Print (Narrated), our Roaring Forties Prize Winner and our Overall Winner. Just come back here each day to discover a new story, or you can Subscribe, and will send you a link straight to your email inbox for each new story we publish.

September 2018

The Electric Horseman

Simon runs a small business in Kingston designing and hand-building high-end electric bikes to order Inspired by a desire to find better solutions to petrol-driven transport, he has spent 12 years learning and developing high-tech, beautifullly designed electric bikes from his garage.

The Hunt

Dr Nick Brodie presents a story form colonial Tasmanian high society, a deer hunt that doesn't go exactly as planned.

How to Belong

'How to Belong" is a 6-part poem about migration that was inspired by an exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery titled 'Snapshot Photography and Migrant Women A Tasmanian Experience'.

Tara Howell

Tasmanian woman Tara Howell inspires others to follow their heart just as she has done with Blue Derby Pods Ride bluederbypodsride.com.au/

Returning patrula / fire

Filmed in the midlands plains of lutruwita (Tasmania) this is the story of an unusual alignment between a farmer, a scientist and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community. From a simple idea to run a science experiment emerged the story of a community returning an important cultural fire practice and reconnecting to lands where brutal dispossession took place. The collaboration benefits each in different ways but relies on a mutual trust heading into unchartered waters. The film highlights the importance of a traditional pakana practice that society is awakening to in an era of ecological collapse and global warming.

Melton Mowbray

In the last week of January 2016, Tasmania experienced floods and fires simultaneously. This wild weather came at the end of over a year of drought throughout most of the island. This is the story of a family from the midlands during that time. A father writes to his far-away young adult daughter, conveying the burdens of the year, and asking her to visit him.


Grace Williams is a Tasmanian filmmaker who is passionate about human rights issues. She talks here about navigating her sense of belonging as a Sierra Leonean and an Australian woman.

Tom Wootton

Tom was born and raised on the North West Coast of Tasmania. He reflects on his connection to that part of Tasmania and the whole island as someone who left and came back.

My Story – Deb Cowan

As an Aboriginal woman who has been denied recognition for most of her life, I feel I have started my healing journey. I can now stand up in that same sense of pride as I see in my Elders and remind myself ‘I am an Aboriginal woman, I am this Country and this Country is me’ – no one can ever take this from me - it is embedded in my soul and my psyche for ever.

namanu rruni | Albatross Island

Albatross island is a magical place. 18 hectares of conglomerate rock off the northwestern tip of Tasmania is the home to 5200 breeding pairs of Shy Albatross. Harvested near to extinction in the 1800's, the population gradually recovered to half the estimated historical population size. Yet in recent years the population has again started to decline. A long-term monitoring program is overseen by marine biologist Dr Rachael Aldermen, who has been visiting the island for a decade. While there, Rachael and her small team must live in a giant cave that partially protects them from the elements. Life on the island is typically cold, often wet and always windy. This beautiful film documents the journey to a remote and beautiful corner of Tasmania, into the lives of the endemic Shy Albatross and the scientists that are working to ensure their survival.

A Welshman in Israel

As a 25-year-old Bob Frost found himself in Israel setting up the first Hertz car rental operation in that part of the world. It was the late 1960s and just as he was setting up the business trouble struck, and there he was in the middle of the Six-Day War. Bob tells his story from his Franklin home in southern Tasmania.

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Stories in September is a brand new initiative celebrating storytelling across the three main mediums of Film, Audio and Print.

In early June 2018 we invited local storytellers of all ages and experiences, to submit their work for a chance to be 1 of 30 stories selected and screened at the State Cinema on the 1st of September 2018, and online – 1 story released everyday throughout the month. We amassed over $5000 in prizes and the stories above are the finalists of this inaugural competition, which we call 30 Stories in 30 Days.

Stories in September is a collaboration between Tasmanian photographer and author Andrew Wilson and founder of The Wayfinder Storytelling Studio, Helene Thomas.